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Ready to achieve more in 15 hours than you have in 40+?

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Introducing the 15 Hour Work Week Mastermind. 

A proven roadmap to 15 hour work weeks without hustle, outsourcing or compromising success.

You've created six figures in business, it's time to create the work weeks you crave.

Invest in your MOST valuable resource: your time.

Being able to spend your time how you choose is true wealth.

Hard truths

- You pride yourself on being an innovator but you're following 100 year old Time Rules.

- Shoving more to-do's in today creates more to-do's tomorrow, not less (while fueling hustle habits).

- 50% of the things you HAVE to get done today, don't have to get done at all

Having 20 tabs open is costing your time & distracting you.

Telling yourself everyone else has this figured out & comparing yourself is f*cking useless

Your "love" of accomplishment was taught to you in a grade based reward system in school to breed followers, not leaders.

Your time is being spent every day and there are no do-overs

It's not all bad...

✔ You are already sitting in success you once dreamed of.

✔ You KNOW there is a better way, and here you are - you've found it!

✔ There has literally never been a better time for you to be alive. We no longer need to overwork (yes, 40+ hours IS overworking).

It's not only possible to work less hours and achieve more - it is BECAUSE you will work less hours that you will achieve more. 

Create your 15 hour work week and access more creativity, higher efficiency & more joy.


Yes! I want this

The Time Revolution is NOW.

It's time to UNLEARN outdated rules of time that have zero consideration for women, working parents, creatives and anyone that is Neurodiverse.

The rules that set you up to fail and stay behind.

Get ahead & stay there with ease when you create your 15 hour work week.

Become a Time Leader.

Create more success with more rest.

Remove "lazy" from your vocabulary.

Drop "because I can I should" thinking.

Goodbye to any attachment you have to work to make yourself feel good

We only have Time Freedom when we are consciously choosing how we spend our time.

Then refuse to shame ourselves for it.


 True rest and self care doesn't happen in a bathtub.

 Beating yourself up for time outside your business removes any benefit of taking time off.

 Your brain is your #1 time & success tool.

Busy work is not work. Doing less, with more of your brain, creates MORE success in less time, with less effort.

A well thought out email will have more impact than 10 hustle-y ones. 

  It's not lazy to work less 

It's lazy to follow the pack, and time rules that existed before technology. Knowing they're not working for you.

Most people think in order to work 15 hour weeks they need to:

  1. Hire a team
  2. Automate everything
  3. Multi-task like a maniac
  4. Hustle & stress

You don’t. In fact, doing these without creating your 15 hour mindset won't actually have you working less.

AND all of these are task focused (getting more done). What if you can achieve more while actually doing less? A lot less.

And then the quality of what gets done soars. Not to mention more time for laughter, joy, more calm & plenty of rest?

Hint: You can AND will in this Mastermind.



It’s very simple. The easiest way to start increasing your productivity isn't to cram more in the same hours.

It's to produce the results you already have in less hours.

Show your brain and yourself what is possible. And let that provide the foundation for even greater success.

Your brain might tell you it's going to be hard or complicated to create a 15 hour work week.

In this Mastermind, we make it easy and simple.


Here's what your life will look like in 6 months

My story: Dropped 20 hours a week and 5x-ed my revenue 

Like you, I did the basic maths that more hours = more money. So in March 2020 when I cut down 20 hours/week in my business I was stunned that my monthly revenue went from $5k to $25k.

It went against the time rules I had lived by, that I know so many of you live by too.

I reached $270k while scaling down to 15 hour work weeks in 9 months and knew I HAD to help others break away from the time rules that were costing them time AND success.


Three day work week and highest revenue months.

Fanny came to me wanting to achieve 5 figure months while working less.

Within one month she scaled back to 3 day weeks and achieved her first 5 figure month with 1:1 clients and no support team.

She enjoyed an extra day of ski-ing each week and unscheduled 3pm movies and wine time just because she wanted to. 

And she learned how to be creative on demand. Work stopped interrupting her life and she stopped pausing on ski mountains to take notes "when inspiration hit" and become more present in her life.

FANNY Dating Coach, France

Cut her availability for sales calls in half and 10 x-ed her revenue

Before working together Julie had signed zero clients in 3 months, even though she made herself always available for sales calls.

Thinking more availability = more sales calls = more sales.

When we cut her availability in half she went on to sign 10 clients in 3 weeks!

Less time = a lot more  success. AND she did it while letting her VA go. 

Proving delegating and more hours are not what creates success.

JULIE Get Over Divorce Coach, US

Running 2 businesses with a 15 hour work week.

Thanks to our work together, Suzanne runs two businesses working max 3 hours a day. She made the decision to do BOTH coaching and recruiting and committed to doing them both within her 15 hour work week.

She has created her dream work week without compromising on the work she wants to do. Even with global clients.

This leaves her with the businesses she loves, and the life she loves. Where she has PLENTY of time to nourish and have fun, including lots of travel to Spain.

SUZANNE Recruiter & Coach, UK

This is a streamlined Mastermind built for people that want to do less, without compromising success:

  • 24x 60-min live coaching calls & workshops. Get coached, see others coach LIVE. Calls will take place on Wednesday (time TBC by location of attendees)
  • Ask a coach. Unlimited written coaching on anything your brain throws at you. We've got you.
  • Dedicate online community. 10X the learning, be celebrated & supported by other Time Leaders & successful entrepreneurs
  • Power questions. Questions are the lazy way to accelerate. Access the exact questions that 3-x-ed my business as I dropped to 15 hour weeks
  • Week Reviews. Have a proven , simple system to evaluate your weeks to build off each other for more success with less effort.

Phase one

Create your 15 hour work week mindset

Develop the mindset that makes 15 hour work weeks E-A-S-Y

  • Uncover & challenge your current time rules
  • Become a Time Leader and stop referencing what others do, or what has been done before 
  • Stop attaching yourself & your worth to your hours at work 
  • Become self validating & detach your identity from your achievements

Phase two

Decision making for success in 15 hours 

You'll make successful decisions that feel easeful. In this phase your 15 hour work week is done.

  • Use my 2 step decision making process to make faster, smarter decisions
  • Eliminate the noise of other people's opinions and become a master decision maker 
  • Make sustainable decisions through a strategic lens focused on results, not output.

Phase three

Evaluate, refine & streamline your 15 hour work week 

Achieve more in 15 than you have in 40+

  • Weekly evaluations to optimize your time ON & OFF 
  • Remove guilt & shame
  • Have more fun, more rest & more of what you want with your time (even if you don't always know what that is)
  • The secret to self care that leaves you feeling great about yourself your work and your life 

Phase four

Create Flow to boost productivity by 500% 

  • Become an expert in flow creation using my super simple process
  • Supercharge your focus, clarity & brainpower while working
  • 10x your creativity & feel more connected to your work with ease, joy and more success 


This is the easiest & most nourishing way to create your 15 hour work week, with a proven strategy to guarantee you 

  • Get clear on your priorities
  • Develop your core tasks effortlessly
  • Cut the "nice-to-have" comfort tasks
  • Finish your working days by noon while getting everything done, without hustle
  • Create true Time Mastery

Quit trying to figure it all out on your own or waiting for your next money goal to create your time freedom.

Join the mastermind and get the support you deserve to create your dream weeks and schedule now.

Putting this decision off will literally cost you your life. And as far as I know, there are no do-overs.

This is not for you if

1. You don't have a business, or have zero business experience

2. You have made less than $100k

3. You're not motivated, and struggle to get anything done

4. You want someone to tell you what to do every step of the way

5. You think delegation & automation is the way to work less

6. You don't see mindset as a vital part of creating your 15 hour work week 

This is absolutely for you if

1. You thrive on responsibility & know YOU can do this

2. You are a leader and innovator

3. You get to work and find it more of a challenge to do less than do more

4. You value your time and are committed to maximizing it

5. You want to replace pressure, stress & overwhelm with flow, easy & joy

6. You've reached a time / growth ceiling & know something has to change.

Imagine what it would feel like... 

To FLOW from one successful week to another with ease and confidence that you are on track.

To enjoy time outside of work, never needing recovery time, because you know exactly how to achieve more without giving more of you

Having total spaciousness that means always being available for opportunities and adventures in your personal life

Feeling fully present & focused in work time, & fully present and joyful in out-of-work time

Flying through your work with unparalleled momentum, removing time for drama and doubt

Sleeping easily, and waking up feeling peaceful & calm, you can have it all

Now is your chance to make this your reality, with the 15 Hour Work Week Mastermind


How much is your time worth?

Let's break it down: Your Investment & Time Return

  • Moving from 40 to 15 hour weeks = 25 hours  back EACH week. Yes, a FULL day back, or 3 full work days
  • Over 10 years in business = 13,000 hours. That's 1.5 full years BACK in time.
  • Over 20 years in business = 26,000 hours. That's 3 full years back
  • imagine adding 3 full years to your life AND more business success. Invaluable.
  • Your investment for YEARS back is $15,000 (or 6x monthly payments of $2,750). 
  • Over 10 years in business = $1.16/hour. 
  • Over 20 years in business = $0.58/hour back. 

Hey, I'm Vikki 

Feminist Time Coach, former "good girl" hustling to success turned total Time Rebel leading a movement of change around work time.

I've done it all, the 80 hour weeks, 10pm in the office, what weekends?!

The wild part? The less hours I worked, the more money I made. As I valued my time more, so did everyone else.

And when I decided I wanted to start a family I was disappointed to see no models and examples I wanted to follow. That's when I decided to create my 15 hour work week. 

But it's not enough to create it just for myself, I want to create it for everyone that wants true time freedom.

The ability to travel for 4 weeks without pre or post vacation hustle. To always be able to say yes to last minute adventures. To write the book. To be at every kids dance class and STILL have time for spa days.

All while creating more success.

I help successful entrepreneurs create their 15 hour work weeks so they can live their "dream retirement life" now, alongside their business. I call it being TIME RICH. And you deserve it.


Quit trying to figure it all out on your own and waiting for your next goal to get your time freedom, get the support you DESERVE to create your dream weeks and schedule now. Putting this decision off will literally cost you your life. 

Your time is now!

You want your 15 hour work week. Come get it.


Your time is non refundable. Every single week that goes by is time spent, gone. Starting today is the single most important thing you can do for your time. For your life.


are you ready?

It’s time to get more life out of your weeks, to create true separation from your business without compromising success, and to spend your days how you desire, without hustling to get more done, hiring big teams or creating complex automation systems. Stop leaving time on the table. It’s non refundable.

The 15 Hour Work Week Mastermind is for you if you know you want to create your 15 hour work week, with ease, fun and more money.