How to achieve more in 1 month than most people do all year

success success hacks time hacking Mar 03, 2023

1: Start now.

Instead of reading other people’s research, trying to perfect the “how”, waiting for it to “feel right”…

Start now,  get real time feedback, make it “right” now.


2: Make decisions in line with your priorities, not other people’s.

Check in with what matters to YOU regularly and use that as a decision filter.

It’s too easy to get swept up in other people’s priorities. Knowing your own is necessary to prevent this.

What are your priorities right now?


3: Default to “NO”.

There’s lots you could do. Most of it isn’t necessary. Less really is more.

Defaulting to no makes it easier to know when something is a YES.


4: Do more of what’s working.

This sounds obvious. And yet it’s so easily skipped.

Listen, if 80% of results come from 20% of what you’re doing, imagine what happens when you double that 20% (and eliminate everything else)…


5: Do more of what’s working part 2

What’s worked in one area of your life will work in another.

Eg being willing to drop my attachment to finding a husband and date for fun actually ended in me having so much fun we got married. 

I now apply this everywhere: drop the attachment, focus on fun. It works! What works for you?


6: And on that note… Make it fun!!

Fun is never a problem. It’s the purpose. It allows for more creativity, enjoyment and presence. That’s a triple win.


7: Feedback is golden. Ask for it. Create it.

I ask my clients “what’s changed for you” and they love answering as it’s an opportunity to pause and celebrate themselves too

I also have a simple review process that applies easily to a single project, a day or week, or a goal.


8: Use BOTH discomfort + comfort as strategies for growth.

We know growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone. Do the scary thing and expand.

AND… also take care of yourself as you stand on the edge of your comfort zone by integrating simple comforts, (heat, meditation, tea, etc). This allows for fast recovery so you can do it again and again faster, and further.


So, which one are you committing to applying today?

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