Heal your relationship with Time this Valentines Day

relationship with time Feb 15, 2023

My #Galentines gift to you, because the BEST relationship you can have will be your relationship with your time… and it’s the one that truly craves healing.

I’m not into Valentine’s Day but I thought it would be fun to share some of my loving thoughts about time and invite you to enjoy them ❤️

(yes, this is the day after V day, but that’s actually the smartest time to celebrate as everything discounts 🤣 and also I was sick yesterday).

🎯 Time is always there for me. I literally wake up every day with more time.

🎯 Time is spacious and plentiful

🎯 I can expand or contract time with my mind

🎯 Time is the currency of life and I love spending it

🎯 Time is a gift we are given

🎯 There’s always enough time

🎯 The more I slow down and be present, the longer each minute lasts

🎯 I don’t have to earn time, it’s always here for me

🎯 I value my Time. And the more I value my Time, the more I build a life I value

🎯 Time is playful

🎯 My Time is always well spent

🎯 I have total freedom in how I use my Time

🎯 There’s no rush I love where I am right now

🎯 Time is my most valuable asset

🎯 How I spend & invest my time directly creates my future. And when I separate from the learned limits of time, there’s no limit to that future. 


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