Are you HOT for your goal?

dyg Jan 09, 2023

What people are saying about the Dating Your Goal Workshop

🔥"I love that my goal feels like a flirty adventure. This may be the most fun I’ve had in my business ever."

🔥"Wow I have just developed a huge crush on my goal after that session."

🔥"My goal already feels SO FREAKING FUN."

🔥"I love how I'm setting this goal and falling in love with it."

🔥"My goal is HOT. I used to be scared to even think I could date a goal."

🔥"It feels really different to any other way I've approached [achieving a goal]" 

🔥"The inevitability of my goal feels solidified with this process"

There's room for you.

And when you join, you too will have more fun and more success.

✨You will learn a simple process for Dating Your Goal (the replay is ready for you to watch on demand right now)✨

And then be part of the community of Time Hackers implementing together. 

Kayla shared this about the value of doing it together

This is what's so special about doing this together :

1️⃣We aren't doing it alone

2️⃣When we get stuck, we get to ask for help

3️⃣We get to share our notes - we learn from each other

4️⃣We get to celebrate our wins and failures

5️⃣It's so much fun to be a part of something

Join the fun, don't just go after goals, go after achieving goals from fun and pleasure.

Click here and say YES to your goal, YES to 30 days of implementing and coaching support to get your goal achieved, and YES to a new, FUN way to achieve success.

Come get your flirt on ;)

🔥And remember, this goal is just the warm up.

➡️Of changing how you achieve all goals.

➡️Of creating true spaciousness,

➡️Of achieving more and doing less.

➡️And of course, being a Time Hacker

Click here and say YES.

It's literally the best time to join us.

WANT MORE TIME? But don't want to get up an hour earlier?
WANT TO REACH YOUR GOALS FASTER? Minus the hustle, the pushing and mean self talk? 


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