Show Yourself Love To Hack Time

Mar 21, 2023

This week I'm sharing one of my favorite productivity secrets: shower yourself with love.

I know, I know, you've been busy trying to push yourself into following plans and perfecting things so you can love yourself, but trust me... this way is better.

Some of these are a little unusual, maybe strange, but they are all tried and tested. Enjoy. A

nd if you decide to shower yourself with love by scheduling a Time Hacker Call, you can do so here:, or by emailing [email protected]


Transcript :


oh hello lovely people how are we all doing today I am about to sprinkle your ears or if you're watching this on video your eyes um with some love some ways to show yourself love this week um actually I will be honest with you self-love is like the ultimate time hack I know it's like this like popular word or this thing that I can sometimes feel unrelatable um to some of us um but and we you know we much rather like just be busy and do all the things but actually pausing and to show yourself some kindness is kind of fueling you up to have way more of a powerful impact on your productivity than any time audit or perfect plan or waking up an hour earlier will do and that's because we make more sustainable decisions when we are kinder to ourselves we build a trusting relationship to actually follow through on the things that we say we're gonna do and we stop making what I call and what I teach in my time hackers program dick head decisions um that we then end up not following through on later or getting close to burnout with later or hating ourselves for later and worrying about later all of these things are just the opposite of productive so actually being kind to yourself and loving on yourself is a productivity hack I promise you um so I'm going to share with you some ways to shower love onto yourselves this week but before I do that I also wanted to remind you that you are right now you are able to and I say remind you but some of you actually might not be on my email list where this announcement first went out so let me first remind you to get on my email list because not only was this announcement first shared there but we have a few very exciting announcements coming out in the next three to four weeks that if you want to be the first to know because they are all limited time opportunities limited Place opportunity is then you want to be on my email list to jump in and get on the opportunity so you can join my email list by going to Vicky forward slash guide as a juicy bonus you will also get the four simple steps to stop working wasting time I mean you've made a new download available which is phenomenal um with questions and worksheets and it's really just amazing it's the ultimate time wasting um the Ultimate Weapon against time wasting let's say um so you get that at Vicky forward slash guide that's v-i-k-k-i-l-o-u-i-s-e by the way and when you do that you'll also be the first to know of all the juicy announcements because right now you are coming in a bit behind but there is still availability I've checked otherwise I wouldn't announce it to you that would be cruel but there have been things that I haven't announced here unfortunately because they've been snapped up by my email list so get on the email list anyway all that to say if you are someone who has been thinking about joining time hackers um has a desire to join time markers or even as like just deciding that now is your time that this is it that you are going to stop letting things take longer than they need to that you are onto yourself like you're not making decisions how you want to you're not making them as fast as you want to you're not actually following through on them or you are someone who is like you know the potential for failure the potential for rejection is slowing you down you are always busy you are always busy or you are never busy because I was like uh procrastinating Hustler so I was like playing ping pong between the like I'm not gonna do anything at all so like I want to do everything but obviously not the most important things so wherever you are I've been there I promise um but if you are there and you're deciding like actually this is my year for achieving more and less time like you are open to investing in yourself so that you can achieve more in the next 30 days than you have in the previous six months that's a very common thing that happens to my time hackers um while being kind to yourself and working not working longer hours and not doing more things might I add um then you know the number one request that we get from you guys is finally being met which is you get the opportunity to talk with someone one-on-one and not just anyone a Time hacker time hacker Lauren has opened up availability in her calendar for you to speak privately to her about becoming a Time hacker about what it is to be a time hacker about what you are currently struggling with what decisions are outstanding what things aren't getting done what things are taking too long what things you really really want to do but you keep getting busy or you keep feeling stressed or overwhelmed or there's too much to do like whatever your current time issues are whatever is keeping you time stretched and time poor get on a call with Lauren she's going to talk to you about what it is to be a time marker but she's also going to talk to you about what your current time situation is and how you can solve for it and if time hackers is the place for you she'll have a really honest chat with you so we've never offered anything like this before um it is limited time limited number of calls Lauren has a life outside of this um and we don't want to take it all up she is after all the time hacker um but you can get on a call with it I will leave the link in the show notes if for some reason like I know sometimes it shows up funny you can always email team Vicky and we will send you the link to schedule your call I know these are highly coveted calls um if you want it just email us asap um and unfortunately I will say that a common thing that happens with my people is a few weeks later we get emails saying you know what I really want that I really want that call with Lauren can I have it and I'm going to have to say no because I know she has limited availability and this is not an open-ended opportunity so if you feel like okay I kind of want this I encourage you to just make it happen have the call there's you know it's not a pressure filled call there's no like having to join timer because it's just a really honest chat it's the opportunity to find out more it's the opportunity to get coached your decision that you feel really capable really really proud of really clear on so that you can either put it to bed or jump right in either one is going to be great okay enough of that that is actually one way to show yourself love though if you have been thinking about being a Time hacker listening to this podcast watching these videos and thinking I would like to but then I encourage you to get rid of that butt and get on that call

so I do have other ways to show yourself love this week but that is definitely up there the first one and I love this one and if you've been around me for a while you've heard me speak about the power of music and what I love in particular is how like songs can be so short in time we're talking like a couple of minutes and so impactful in how we experience them so if you want to show yourself some love and release some of your like tightness and tension and stress this week that I'm going to recommend number one thing that you do that everyone has time for because I promise you you can do this in the car you can do this while you are walking I did it yesterday while doing the dishes like this is a an easy implementable one to do and that is play a song you love I say play a song you love in the morning I say play in the afternoon I say play it before bed but definitely play it in the morning play any song that you love in the morning let your body move to it it can be like while you're brushing your teeth you can't see me on the podcast but you can see me on the video I'm moving as I'm speaking about it because it just makes me feel so good my whole body feels it even without the actual music that's like muscle memory coming out of like did someone say music um so play a song You Love Actually Ethan has just started dancing it's the most fun thing someone what was this like tape player with little songs on little um baby songs that aren't annoying yet because we've just started using it but I'm sure I will feel differently soon and even he like he gets up and he Bops and it's so fun it's just like we are meant to move our bodies obviously we live in a world where that doesn't happen as naturally anymore there's so much goodness in playing a song you love and moving a little bit and if that means just like swaying side to side in your chair great you don't have to get up do a whole Zumba routine but if you do want to do that too go for it okay the next one is um show yourself Love by canceling plans that you are no longer available for you are no longer interested in that you don't feel up to or capable of and I'm gonna add something here I'm gonna say even if even if you've already canceled on that person once before so we actually had this happen a few weeks ago we've been trying to do this dinner with a few of the couples we don't have many friends here in Manchester um but one of my friends surprised us and came up from London and we had like our most social weekend in like two years we had like Friday night plans Saturday Day plans Saturday night plans Sunday Day plans Sunday night plans and the Sunday night plans was dinner with a few couples that we'd already tried to meet once and we hadn't been able to I can't even remember the reason ah because giddy was back in France when it was supposed to happen he got called back to France so we canceled again a second time because we were tired from the social plans I'd forgotten like we'd not really been so social with a baby it was a whole new experience so Sunday night came and we were like oh this is not a time to meet new people so we canceled even though we'd canceled on them before and nobody cared in fact they all still got together without us so win-win-win um so definitely Show Yourself Love by counseling plans that you are no longer available for not because not from like a mean [ __ ] way just from like a self-care strong I don't want other people to do things that they don't want to do for me other people don't want you to do things you don't want to do for them and if they do then maybe maybe evaluate the people in your life okay this next one is um one dear near and dear to me it's something that I regularly do um and also know that I could regularly do more of and that is call a friend call a friend and ask for support instead of doing it alone call a friend that asks for support even if you've not spoken with them for months even if the last time you spoke with them was also them supporting you even if you're going to get on that phone call and cry immediately it doesn't matter call that friend get that support have that honest conversation like I always think about the question like how are you fine good how are you this is those relationships where it's like how are you it's like you just break down or break up and in other words break up or or celebrate up let's say to me like I never need my friends to have any kind of informal I should say formal um intro we just go straight to it I love that kind of conversation and that's to me what friendship is for and so you just this little encouragement for you to give yourself some love and give yourself that support and that friend and connect okay next up of course I'm going to give you some things to do or some questions to ask because I love that so one of the one of the most powerful ways to show yourself love is to meet your desires but in order to meet our desires we have to check in with what our desires are you can do that super simply by just asking yourself what's one thing that I want today and it can be I want to get out in outside it could be I want to have giddy's made me who made chai tea uh so yeah I want to have yummy chai tea it could be literally anything um I want to have five minutes for myself I want to have an hour to myself I want to watch another episode of that series I want to respond to that email like whatever it is what's one thing I want today and then fulfill your desire and let them be different every day right like let them be different every day it's like play around with what your desires even are expand your desires and meet them and you will have so much more fun it doesn't have to be big and fancy and complex it gets to be super simple and super easy um the next one I I thought about um particularly for my office-based listeners uh and past Vicky this one is for you and that is Love on yourself by wearing the comfy shoes this week even if they don't look good I used to cram my shoes into paint grab my shoes crumb my feet into painful shoes um just because they looked better instead of either investing in a pair that looked good and were comfy or letting myself wear comfy shoes and this changed at a certain point when I was working I used to walk I'm sure I was talking about this on the podcast before I used to walk to the office in London because I hated the tube that could be like the one thing I wanted of the day it was to not get on the tube it would take me an hour and a half so once I started doing that I would obviously walk in trainers and that changed my whole relationship to comfiness and the feet and then I was much more willing to wear um flat shoes in the office even with my corporate attire so wear the comfy shoes don't worry about looking as good take care of your feet and your body that's just like a fun way to show yourself love this week um another one that I thought of that's going to sound a little bit strange at first but is magical and I wish it didn't sound strange like if there was one thing I could change about this it would be to really normalize this practice so

say I love you in the mirror look yourself in the eye and say I love you and if it feels strange let it like if it feels strange you want to think about why does it feel strange we're just so not taught to prioritize loving on ourselves it's like so at the bottom of the list and I want you to think what would be different if you loved on yourself more you would need less from other people you would feel more confident more self-connected more self-trusting it would impact the decisions you make it would impact how you prioritize joy and your own desires and all and even showing yourself love to begin with like some of you probably listened to this podcast episode or started it and we're like oh this one's not important it's only about love that's why I spoke about how love relates to our productivity at the beginning because unfortunately we've been taught to Cal more about one of those than the other and you all know which one so I love you in the mirror even if it feels strange the more you do it the less strange it will feel and then one day you'll think why did that feel strange right just like it's not strange to say it to like our friends or our partners or our kids like I love you why would it be strange to say to ourselves maybe some of you are like that doesn't feel strange at all Vicky that's just you that's a usual in which case totally fine with that too um and the last one I'm going to leave you with and by the way read us into this podcast you can re-listen to it every Monday you could re-listen to it every day this week and pick one thing to start and you could even shower on your socials which one you are picking to start with and tag me at feminist time coach let me see what you are starting with let me see how you are showing yourself some love let's spread the love movement um so before I just wanted to drop that before I gave you the last one and the last way to show yourself love this week the last simple way to show yourself love this week is just to ask yourself what am I proud of today and answer it generously answer it really generously like I'm proud I'm thinking about this with Ethan with a baby like he basically has started since I've not updated you guys but he started crawling which is very fun and also he's not quite as fast yet I think I think by the time I record next weeks it might be a different story but also he just recently like this morning for the first time flipped you know the little flip books where you can like flip and it shows like there's one where he's looking for eggs and it like shows oh no it's a cow there's no way to anyway too much baby speak there um so he's now just flipping up the flaps to see what's underneath that happened this morning and I felt so proud I'm like never proud of myself for something like that but it just goes to show there is so much opportunity to feel proud it's just so often we expect things of ourselves and we forget that there was a time when we literally couldn't do that um there was a time when I was so nervous about recording podcasts and now it's like Happy Days happy place let's go okay love so those are some ways to show yourself love this week as a reminder the bonus way is to get on a call with Lauren the time hacker I will leave the link in the show notes or you can always email my team team Vicky and let's get you on a chat about becoming a Time hacker let's get you on a call about your time and where you feel time stretched let's get you on a call about what decisions you aren't making or at least identifying what your decision patterns are and because your decision to become a Time hacker is not unique how we make one decision is how we make all of them so that's really um spend time there give time there this week um I think there's available availability the next few weeks and then it's gone so jump on that and I look forward to talking with you soon bye love

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