The biggest lie you’ve been told

rest sprint Jan 20, 2023

The biggest lie you’ve been told is rest and unplanned time are bad.


And that’s why your greatest challenge as an ambitious achiever is not feeling guilty when you rest or have open time so you *actually* experience the benefits


See your best ideas may require you to take action and do things.


But coming up with them requires mental space and openness


As you increase your bandwidth for empty space, you increase your capacity to create


When you’re always doing things, it’s costing you your best ideas.


Balance isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a requirement to growth.


Our muscles are exercised in a workout, and grown during a rest period.


And just like music requires pause between the notes to enjoy create masterpieces…


As do you flourish because of the combination of rest AND action.


The most successful and easeful way to grow to your potential is to create balance in these two states.


I teach my clients to rest and sprint. Hard.


I’m talking about doing the thing you’ve been avoiding for 3 weeks NOW. Even if you don’t know exactly how.


And letting yourself spend an entire day in bed snoozing.


It’s deeply uncomfortable and incredibly potent.


This idea isn’t new, Charles Forbes (Forbes founder) said our success “is most often won during non business hours, the hours that are spent away from the bench or the office; the hours during which we are our own masters; the hours we are at liberty to use or misuse.”


Studies increasingly show the positive impact of rest on work, and work on rest. Such as


🥾Walks and movement linked to creativity

🗣️ Social connection linked to resilience

🌿 And time in nature linked to emotional management


AND of course Rest is vital to avoid burnout, WHO estimates job-related stress costs the economy $1 trillion each year.


For organizations, burnout in employees costs their employer an average of 34% of their annual salary


I rest often and even claim rest as my business plan and still face guilt sometimes.


I wonder how to combat and eliminate it.


But the truth is, resisting our own guilt is even less restful.


I’ve found awareness to be the powerful first step, understand of why to be the next, and meeting the guilt with self compassion to be hugely helpful.


We have to stop seeing Rest as a treat or reward.


It’s not part of recovery, it doesn’t come after.

It’s integral to our success and our happiness.

Wishing you a restful weekend

With love


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