The Truth About Your Priorities.

Feb 16, 2023

I’m back sharing some life updates and inspired to talk with you about priorities. If you struggle to get it all done, this one is for you. If you feel pulled in a million directions, this one is for you. And if you just want to stop feeling like you’re failing, falling behind, or not doing the right thing, this one is for you. Enjoy.


Transcript :

hello lovely people okay it's been a hot minute since I recorded and I want to firstly thank you for your patience for hanging around for coming back um I do love love creating this podcast and creating these episodes I have been going through live um we have now put the little man in Nursery a few days a week so feeling really really good about that um I think I've read so much online about you know how difficult it could be and I've heard from so many mums how emotional it could be but I'm just gonna be honest that for me it was like a really joyful thing and I feel really fortunate to um have the opportunity to have that support and it doesn't go past me I don't know if that's the right phraseology but that's the right phrase or way of saying it but it doesn't get past me that part of this is probably because of my 15 hour week and my work life and he's not going back four days a week five days a week even three days a week he started two days a week so I do think that has something to play with it to do with it as well and which is why I'm super passionate about helping other women and parents and people and humans change the way we work so that everyone can have that um if they want it and so that's the first thing the second thing you might notice if you are watching this in video form because we've started to put them on videos on YouTube you are seeing my new office because we've moved house so we've bought a house we've been buying furniture it's our first house um our first family home so there's been a lot going on here whether it's like sorting out bills and so on so for those of you that know me which I'm guessing you do if you're listening to my podcast or watching this video you know I'm a big proponent of not just like adding things to our list without removing things so let this be the example to you that I do practice what I preach and to like give you permission as well when you are going through things in life through phases whether it's raising children or moving home or whatever it is it's so easy to just like cram more things on um but we really want to be thinking about creating balance and not stressing ourselves not creating unrealistic to-do lists that keep us always behind always busy always stress always overwhelmed so this is officially um your permission slip to say no to things for a period of time while you have other priorities right I've really been thinking about the word priorities recently I don't think I use it that much or have used it that much in my work but that is really what it comes down to and there's a quote I love I cannot remember who it's by but it's like uh it's like the idea of like the word priority is like one important thing but of course as humans we made it we made it plural but we want multiple priorities and if you were to pause right now and think about your priorities how many would you have would you have three would you have five would you have ten would you have twenty would you have three for work three for personal three for self like I just want you to think about how many priorities that you have and how interesting it is that that word in itself like the word priority is almost shouldn't exist it's like the most important thing has become the most important things um and that's why so many of us are so overwhelmed so stressed so actually I was going to speak about something else today but this feels like where we're going so I'm going to stick with it and just invite you all to consider about your priorities what is if you were to pick one priority what is that priority really think about it and I know that a lot of you are probably like one is she bonkers but like really what if there was just one priority what would it be like really don't let your brain talk you out of answering that and then I want you to think about so once you've got the priority that one priority I want you to think about the last 24 hours and what you've done and I want you to be really detailed here you don't need to write it out if you don't want you can literally just pause and say it out loud but I would pause and not let me speak because you'll get distracted by me um if you are watching on YouTube then you could just pause and write it down but think about everything you've done in the last 24 hours so I'm thinking from like waking up to like hitting snooze to having a morning coffee actually this is my um morning at all I don't drink coffee um you know for me if I think about the last 24 hours it was like um waking up um staying in bed in the morning as my partner took the baby down to giving breakfast and then brought him back up and we had morning snuggles and we went to my parents for bagels and then we came home my husband came home I stayed there with the baby for a bit hanging out with my family it was a Sunday so hence hence um the bagels maybe that's just the thing in England I don't know uh Bagels on Sunday is definitely a thing here um and then we came back home we hung out and then my cousin came around with her kids to see the house and then we I can't remember from there to be honest wait no you don't need to hear about my whole day anyway but it was getting into evening we made some dinner we watched we're watching a new series on Netflix we definitely watched that um have a nice hot shower got into bed quite early actually because the baby's not 100 got into bed quite early put him down to sleep stayed with him um and then crushed myself which was great because he started waking up at like 4am so I was super grateful to have gone to bed early anyway so really be detailed there I could have been more detailed I think even but like you know notice about what I'm eating where I'm spending my time who I'm spending my time with um you could even think about it you know like are you checking your emails are you checking your socials are you responding to things um and I really want you to be a bit more detailed there than I was even so get super clear on your one priority and then how you spent your time in the last 24 hours and see how they relate see like are you living in line with your priorities and you can even look at like the last 48 hours if you want just really be willing to go into the details what I think most of you will find is that you actually are living more in line with your priority than you think but where you are not guess what it's a brand new day ask yourself this okay you've reviewed you've set the priority the one even though your brain's resisting it I know but we're just going to start with one we can always add more lesser priorities later or important things but there's one priority and there's other important things um so you want to set the priority you want to own the priority you want to review how you've been spending your time and then with intention you want to think about the next 24 hours what you want to give to your priority notice how I'm using that language I'm saying what do you want to give to your priority not do you want to not not what's what it's going to take from you something you've taken from you is like leaves you powerless and isn't a nice feeling but giving gifting is always a nice feeling so that's what I want to leave you with today just something short sweet getting back on the podcast pod coasting on the podcasting Bowl so to speak um really so pleased to be connecting back with you all thank you again for allowing me to be human and I will always be that example for you that you get to be human you get to be inconsistent as long as you are persistent which is about always coming back which is what I'm doing with you guys today I love you all um I'm so interested to hear about your priorities so if you want to you can post it on Instagram or Facebook or whatever and tag me and I will see it and you commit to it and I think you'll be surprised at um how easy it is to realign with your priorities and that's what I wanted to give you today all right lovely people bye

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