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Achieve more in 50% of the time, while doing less


Ready to have enough time for the things you want to do?

Time Hackers is for you!

Time is your most valuable and precious asset.

You want to optimize it.

As a Time Hacker you will achieve more in 50% of the time, while doing less.

Hey you! Does this sound familiar…

✔ You know what you want to do, you’re just not consistently doing it

✔ Your life is full, but you’re not fully present in your time on, or off

✔ You know you need to commit to less, but you’re afraid of letting things go

✔ You’re missing a process for optimizing your time that fuels higher productivity in your time on, and more fun and ease in your time off.

✔ At the end of each week, you’re feeling unfinished and tired.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could…

Simplify your life & your schedule so managing your time stops being a full-time job

✔ Feel ahead in the year & feel spaciousness and calm in your everyday life

✔ Feel energized to enjoy your free time, your relationships and have more fun

Trust yourself to do what you say you will, when you say you will

✔ Feel like you always have enough time


It’s not you. It’s what you’ve been taught about time.

I’ve been there, my hackers have been there.

I know what it’s like to keep giving and not feel like you’re getting there fast enough. That’s why I’ve coached hundreds of clients to drop the hustle, and achieve more while doing less, in 50% of the time.

Here’s what my clients have said

Bridget M

Bridget worked 300 hours less in one year, while launching her second dream business. She has dropped her “not enough time” story and with her biggest revenue year to date finds more time for cooking Sunday dinner & watching movies with her kids. She said, “I didn’t think where I am now, and what I’ve created through Time Hackers was even possible. My self concept has completely changed. I am someone who sets goals and reaches them.


Lindsay H

Lindsay stopped overworking and started having a lot more fun. She stopped believing she was impatient and started making more time to play with her kids in the mud, while focusing on work she wants to do, and creating success with ease, not hustle. She said, “I feel a huge shift in my self concept. In the 7 weeks we’ve been working together I feel like a totally different person

Shanna B

Shanna stopped writing down her ideas and started implementing them, fast. This led to a career change, achieving her 10 year goal in 3 months, and a relocation to the beach. She said “I just make decisions and then make it happen. Things happen now, not later.”

Here’s how Time Hackers will create the time you want 


 We focus on your number 1 time tool, your brain.

You take on the Time Hacker identity and start thinking differently about you, your time and your to-do’s

We become fast deciders & implementers

You stop sitting in “right or wrong” thinking and waiting to be sure, and start building momentum, moving forward, learning as you go

We fuel ourselves with fear and failure

You will drop the resistance to fear and failure and start learning from them to accelerate and move faster.

Most people think in order to achieve more they need to:

  1. Get more done today
  2. Be more productive in their time
  3. Have a perfectly planned calendar
  4. Work later & longer

And I promise you, you don’t.

What if you can do less, and because you’re doing less, you achieve more?

And then you have more time off, more laughter and joy, and more calm rest?

Because doing less, but doing what counts, leaves you with more success and more time off.



It’s simple. The only obstacle is our brains. 

Wired for survival in the wild, they want you to stay doing what you know, even if it’s not producing the level of results you want.

That’s why as a Time Hacker, we rewire your brain, and update our brains programming into the 21st century, for the life you want.

This is why I created Time Hackers. We focus on the only three things it takes to achieve more. It’s not time, and when you focus on these 3 things you move faster than time.

Here's what my clients are saying 

I 5x-ed my monthly income while doing less  

"When I started working in Time Hackers, it required herculean efforts to overcome low motivation, procrastination and a lot of anxiety before getting even the small tasks done. I always pushed through, but it was exhausting.

Now when I sit down to work. I'm able to get the work done in a quarter of the time.  I've gotten tasks done in minutes that have been sitting on the backlog for months and months. 

It’s an awesome community cheering each other on. I learned so much from watching the others get coached. My self-concept has leveled up 10X, just by being around them. 

My future looks like compounding my efforts to make more money in less time.

I think everyone should dive right into Time Hackers. You will save so much time and create the daily energy and excitement you need to make procrastination a thing of the past.

Time Hackers was the missing key to productivity that I didn’t know I needed.


I 11x-ed my income working half the time.

"I’ve stopped doing, doing, doing. I’m currently getting the same amount done in half the time.

I can’t really overestimate the value of that. That I literally have half my time back. 

I also feel physically so much better. I have so much less stress and pressure.

I hands-down promise you that joining Time Hackers is the best money I've ever spent. There is so much value in the modules, in the weekly coaching and in the FB community

I now work less and make more money

Of course I could add up the monetary gain but the best feeling is I have got my life back, I've remembered why I started my business in the first place. I now have SO much more fun in work and out of it

And that is priceless"


I am thrilled to be in the program

"I had stopped pushing myself to do the uncomfortable things that would move me forward. Vikki's “Fail” challenge helped me make the decision to commit to doing something uncomfortable daily, which I stuck at for the whole 30 days. The challenges are actually all fabulous - they make you think, and create huge awareness for how you are currently treating yourself. 

I am becoming someone who trusts herself, who directs her brain to what is working and what I am doing well at, rather than what isn't working, and this is what is going to help me get to where I want to go. 

I've learned so many nuggets of wisdom. And the community has been so lovely - so inviting and welcoming. We are all cheering each other on - which is truly special. I also feel comfortable enough to raise my hand for coaching when I need it.

I launched my first group and well surpassed my goal with 19 clients!


Time Hackers is everything you need to succeed:

  • Live weekly coaching. Get coached, see others coach LIVE every Tuesday
  • Ask a coach. Get coached anytime through written coaching
  • Community. 10X the learning, through each others success & fails
  • Power questions. Including 3 questions that 3-x-ed my business
  • 30 day challenges. Create change, 2-minutes a day

Module one

Hack Time Hackers

Learning how to hack this program is the foundation for hacking your time, your success and your life. This module covers… 

  • How to accelerate into success without hustle in this program, and beyond
  • How to create commitment on demand
  • Wave goodbye to "things take time" and learn how to create change in an instant 
  • Dop sh*tty labels and redirect your brain to the target you want to hit (its the fastest way to get there)

Module two

Hack Your Brain 

Your brain is your number one time tool. Never say “I don’t have time”, “I’m behind”, or “I know what to do I’m just not doing it” again. This module covers...

  • The #1 brain strategy that creates success 100% of the time 
  • How to use thoughts & actions to override your brain's outdated programming 
  • How to swap self-criticism & mean talk & get on the same team as our brain 
  • The reason you aren't doing what you say you will do and how to get it done

Module three

Hack Your Decisions 

Find decision making overwhelming? Do you go back and forth on the same thing and stay stuck for months? In this module you’ll…

  • Wave goodbye to indecision, forever 
  • Learn how to make successful decisions (and actually follow through on them) 
  • Learn the ultimate decision making filter that makes knowing what to do next easy 

Module four

Hack your Fear & Failure 

If you’re fearing fear and fearing failure your fearing success and choosing to walk in quicksand. In this module you’ll...

  • Optimize fear as fuel to accelerate into success
  • Change your relationship with failure, celebrate it, and capitalize on it, to achieve more in less time 
  • Hack failing forward with the 4 step evaluation process guaranteed to create future success from any fail
  • Drop the "just this one thing", or "I'll start next week" stories with the True Cost formula 

Module five

hack your time 

This module covers everything you haven’t been taught about time. It goes against what you’ve been taught in school, in corporates. The world has changed rapidly in the last 20 years, this module brings you up to speed

  • Say bye to "busy" and get things done in 50% of the time
  • Learn how to invest time for massive future returns 
  • Stop waiting to love your life
  • Get the two 30 second hacks that transform any day  

Here’s what more clients are saying 

Sarah K

The results have exceeded my expectations. I cut out all the fluff and mental drama. Vikki takes you from A to B in the simplest route.” It’s speeding up my growth in my business and own personal development by 10x"

Bridget M

“I didn’t think where I am now, and what I’ve created through Time Hackers was even possible”

Stephanie S

"Working with Vikki has propelled me forward in my life faster than ever before. I’ve made more progress in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years"

About Vikki 

The ultimate say-yes-to-everything, highly ambitious, procrastinating hustler. Flipping my time between doing all the things, or crashing into doing nothing. 

7 day work weeks weren’t just something I did, they were something I was proud to do. With big ambition I went all in on the “more is more” mindset and would study alongside work, take on multiple jobs, and this also showed up in my personal life where three plans in a night was standard. 

Rushing, hustling, barely present, always looking at the time and the calendar constantly busy, and not creating the life I wanted. In work, in play, in rest.

Using the Time Hacking process you will learn in this program, I mastered the art of doing less, and achieving more. I’m currently living in the South of France, enjoying more fun, play and rest while earning more than I did in my first 10 years of corporate combined working 15 hour weeks. Trust me, if I can do this, anyone can.

what time hackers are saying

"I've completely hacked my time, if I was to work out the time, per hour, that time is priceless. And I get to teach my little one that too."
"Just making the commitment to invest in myself really made me start to take myself more seriously, take my business more seriously, take my time more seriously. Even before we started." 
"Best investment I ever made. It has blown my mind what I got out of Time Hackers."
"In this room, it is impossible to not grow"

There has never been a better time to be a Time Hacker than right now.

Your time is now!

When you feel in control of your time, like you are the decider, the do-er, the implementer, the learner. It will feel different, time will feel different, you will feel different. You will feel calm, focused, present and powerful.


Your time is non refundable. Every single day that goes by is time spent, not optimized. It’s time lost.  Starting today is the single most important thing you can do for your time. For your life.


are you ready?