Stop wasting your precious time trying to manage your time

Become a Time Hacker today and learn how to accelerate your results WITHOUT doing more


You know you’re capable of BIG THINGS.

And you want a life with true spaciousness as you achieve those big things.

You want to feel fully present in your days and satisfied when you close out your weeks.

So you’ve tried:

✔ Building the perfect calendar, putting 10 tasks into your calendar for Monday then re-shuffle what wasn’t done and add more to Tuesday. But that Tuesday list totally overwhelms you. So you completely ignore the plan and re-write the list on Wednesday before life happens on Thursday, only to feel further behind and like a failure on Friday. That’s when you realize you’ll be working this weekend (again).

You’re trying all the things to increase your productivity. You’ve got the fancy planner(s), online calendars, phone alarms and that app that grows a tree every time you focus for 15 minutes. So why do you still get to the end of your day and feel like you haven’t moved the needle forward on anything meaningful?

When you think about the goals you want to accomplish this year/next year/in the next 5 years, there’s the inner knowing ‘I’m totally capable of achieving this if I actually start doing what I say I’ll do…’. So you go to make headway on those goals by doubling down to make up for the time you’ve wasted. You think, ‘I just need to give more hours, and be willing to work longer NOW and it will pay off later. THAT’S when I can really rest and enjoy myself.’ But before you know it, you’re burnt out and re-planning your timeline to success.


You’re so WILLING. You’re willing to work hard. You’re willing to give things time. You’re WILLING to follow the grand plan that will get you to where you want to go. Except that when it comes time to actually DO the things that build meaningful momentum towards your goals, those grand plans fall apart and you end up sucked into your phone and spinning in fear and dread of taking action.

You live in a strange limbo of inner turmoil between the belief that for something to be worth doing, it’s going to require your time, effort, and a certain level of hardship… which keeps coming up against your desire and expectation that you need to wait until you feel good before you start. Otherwise you won’t get it ‘right’ and the results will fall short of what you’ve come to expect of yourself.



No matter how hard you try, you always boomerang right back to where you started, feeling more frustrated than before because the plans, tools, and time management tactics aren’t working for you.

And that’s when you fall into the “there’s never enough time” story…

So let me be very clear.

It’s possible for you to have plenty of time.

And it’s not going to come from 

  • copying other people
  • Writing the perfect plan
  • Seeing what someone else’s time management strategies

Because the truth is, you know it’s not that there’s something wrong with time, it’s that you think there’s something wrong with you.

This is why Pomodoro/Monday Hour One/5am Club/all the other time management techniques have failed you… 

It’s not you. It’s your brain.

The fanciest planner in the world is no match when it comes to your brain’s fear of failure

While you question whether you’ll ever have enough time, self-discipline or commitment to follow through on your perfect plans, this is what’s actually happening: 

Your brain is 40,000 years old and wired for survival long before the age of Netflix, Uber and food delivery

It has one very simple job: keep you alive.

Throughout 99.99% of our evolution this meant 

  • Being lazy as a survival strategy to conserve energy and save calories since food wasn’t easily accessible
  • Avoiding failure at all costs since failure was actually really dangerous (I’m talking failure to find shelter, failure to pick the non poison berry and failure to win a fight with a predator)
  • Wanting to keep doing what we’ve done, the known is safe, the unknown is scary.

These were signs of intelligence, and now… you’re using them as signs that there’s something wrong with you.

The good news is, this is completely changeable.

Every successful person you admire has started with the same brain. All they had was a simple process to rewire their programming.

And you’ve made it to the exact program to show you how.

If you have big, bold ambitions, it’s time to switch time management for brain hacking

Learning to hack your brain is 100x more impactful than any productivity app.

Imagine what you would achieve this week if you were all in for trying new things, making bold decisions and willing to hear ‘no’ 10 times and keep moving.

How much faster might you move?

So, how do you hack your brain? It’s simple.

  1. Know that you are not your thoughts
  2. Stop believing everything it tells you.
  3. Stop doing or not doing what it orders you to.
  4. Redirect it on purpose to what you want it to believe (like there is actually enough time and you are actually capable of doing the thing)
  5. Create a true leadership mindset that has you backing yourself and talking yourself UP instead of down

Do this, and you will:

  • Accelerate into success without doing more, by doing more of what counts and dropping busy work and time management to-do’s (no more colour-coding calendars or re-writing to-do lists)
  • Trust yourself to do what you say you will, when you say you will WITHOUT beating yourself up or “pushing through” to get 20 things done in a day
  • Feel AHEAD in the year & enjoy spaciousness and calm in your everyday life
  • Actually enjoy your free time instead of spending it in recovery
  • Have WAY more fun! (Remember fun?!)

If you feel like you’ve been drowning in quicksand where the more you do, the less you achieve…

I have created the exact solution for you.


Time Hackers

Accelerate your results WITHOUT doing more


Time Hackers isn’t another program that teaches you how to ‘manage’ your time, multi-task with 25 screens open or fit more things into your day.

It’s a lifetime coaching community where you’ll STOP using time, spending time, and filling time, and instead learn how to hack your brain to achieve the most in the least amount of time.

It’s the program where you’ll crack the code on creating more results in one week than you have in three months WITHOUT ‘doubling down’, working overtime or compromising quality.

You’ll stop crediting time with your success (“It was perfect timing”) or blaming it for your failures (“It’s not the right time”) and instead focus on results INDEPENDENT of time, across ALL areas of your life. From work, to health to relationships. 

You’ll play with possibility in ALL areas of your life, to:

  • Increase your productivity at your full time job
  • Make a ton of money AND be present with your family
  • 11x your income while halving your working hours
  • Spend more quality time with your partner 
  • Take 2-3 months off your business WITHOUT guilt or fear of losing everything

All of these are real results that Time Hackers have created.


Here's what my clients are saying 

“I 11x-ed my income working half the time”

"I’ve stopped doing, doing, doing. Now I get the same amount done in half the time.

I can’t overestimate the value of that. I literally have half my time back. 

I also feel physically so much better. I have so much less stress and pressure in my life.

Deciding to join Time Hackers is the best money I've ever spent. I now work less and make more money

Of course I could add up the monetary gain but the best feeling is I’ve got my life back

I've remembered why I started my business in the first place. I now have SO much more fun in work and out of it

And that is priceless."


#celebrate it is 12.36pm on a Monday, I started work at 10am and I have done all but one thing on my 'must-do' list for the week.

This is what happens when you take one minute to answer the questions that Vikki posts every Monday!

I bloody love being a Time Hacker.”


“I dove into some of the time hackers content- started with hacking decisions.

I decided I’m making quick, courageous decisions from now on and then just going all in on them, not looking back.

I decided on a whim to open a second group for my launch for coaches at the 0-20k mark working towards their first 100k and got 6 new applications over the weekend! It’s working. It’s filling.”

Want to get the same amount done in half the time?

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Here’s what it takes to accelerate your results WITHOUT doing more

  1. Hack your brain so it works for you, not against you
  2. Make fast decisions, to gather fast data that allows for better decision making
  3. Fuel yourself with fear of failure so that you seek failure and the juicy lessons that come from it

The Time Hacker Process

Module one

Hack Time Hackers

Creating results in your life doesn’t take time.

THIS is the foundation of hacking your time, your success and your life.

That’s why you’ll learn how to apply this life-changing skill to this program as soon as you join.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get immediate and lasting return on your investment to join Time Hackers
  • Accelerate into success without hustle — not just in this program, but every area of your life
  • Drop the narrative that “change takes time”
  • Learn a simple process to create FASTER results in 60 seconds.
  • Create exponential results WITHOUT doing more

Now I know, the quicker I make the decision, the less time I have to feel uncomfortable.”

“Watching the time module and waiting for the right time vs making the time right struck home.

I decided not to join Time Hackers in December I had ‘too much going on’. When January started, even though I had committed to joining I still agonized for a few days.

I wanted it to get easier, to feel better about spending the money along with other investments at the same time, but I wasn't going to get a divine sign. My brain was coming up with evidence not to do it but I decided to bet on myself and move it to the decision made column.

There's never going to be a divine sign and the important decisions are often going to feel uncomfortable. Now I know, the quicker I make the decision, the less time I have to feel uncomfortable. That's a bit mind blowing, getting it over with is actually a calmer place to be.”


Module two

Hack Your Brain 

Your brain is your number 1 time tool. That’s why in this module you’ll discover…

  • The #1 brain strategy that creates success 100% of the time (even when you’re already behind, don’t have much time or haven’t created success before)
  • What to do and think to override your brain’s outdated programming
  • How to get on the same team as your brain so you can stop all that self-criticism & mean self-talk
  • The real reason why you aren’t doing what you say you will do, and how to get it DONE

“I'm able to get the work done in a quarter of the time because I am very aware of exactly what my brain is doing.”

“When I started working in Time Hackers, I was making money in my business, but it required herculean efforts to overcome low motivation, procrastination and a lot of anxiety before getting even the small tasks done. I always pushed through, but it was exhausting.

Time Hackers helped me understand how my brain was interpreting anxiety, time, effort and failure. My brain was creating interpretations that worked against me and because of that, I was expending five times the amount of energy to do a task.

After just a few weeks in Time Hackers, I went from averaging 6k a month in my business to my first 30k month.

With an awesome community that was cheering me on. I learned so much from watching the others in the community get coached. My self-concept has leveled up 10 times, just by being around them. 

My business no longer feels chaotic or out of my control. Now when I sit down to work. I'm able to get the work done in a quarter of the time because I am very aware of exactly what my brain is doing.  I've gotten tasks done in minutes that have been sitting on the backlog for months and months.

When negative feelings come up, I can work with those thoughts and emotions, and direct them to support my work instead of working against me.

My future looks like compounding my efforts to make more money in less time.

I think everyone should dive right into Time Hackers. You will save so much time and create the daily energy and excitement you need to make procrastination a thing of the past.

Time Hackers was the missing key to productivity that I didn’t know I needed.

Vikki understands how the brain works at the deepest level, and I really could not have envisioned the level of results I was going to get.”


Join Time Hackers and make procrastination a thing of the past

Module three

Hack Your Decisions 

Everything you do has to FIRST come from a decision.

So the quality of your results is dependent on the quality of your decisions.

If you find decision making confusing, overwhelming, or takes a lot of time, in this module you’ll…

  • Eliminate decision drama that keeps you stuck on a decision for months
  • Wave goodbye to indecision, forever
  • Stop making Dickhead Decisions aka decisions that make it really difficult to follow through (like forcing yourself to wake up at 5am, or adding everything you didn’t do today onto your to-do list for tomorrow)
  • Instead, make decisions that are easy to follow through on and create sustainable success from (like actually allowing yourself to close tabs that you’re not using so you don’t have to stay on top of 20 things at once)
  • Learn the ultimate decision making filter that makes knowing what to do next easy

“I told my boss I was leaving to work on my own business ideas today, something I’ve been talking about doing for years and kept putting off because “it wasn’t the right time” or “I didn’t have enough proof I’d be successful”.

Excited to be betting on myself and for all of the failing, getting back up, learning, iterating and successes to come.”


Module four

Hack your Fear & Failure 

Your fear of failure, and fear of fear is slowing you down and stopping you from having fun, and taking the bold action that *actually* creates your results.

In this module you’ll…

  • Switch fearing fear, for seeking fear, knowing that your primitive fears are not only no longer dangerous (since there’s no tigers on Facebook live), but are actually an indicator that you’re doing the right thing
  • Fall in love with failing (yes, even if you hate it now), and stop making it mean something has gone wrong, or there’s something wrong with you
  • Hack failing forward with a simple 4-step evaluation process that guarantees more future success from any fail today.
  • Drop the “just this one more thing”, or “I’ll start next week” stories with the True Cost formula

Module five

hack your time 

Until now, everything you’ve been taught about time, from school days to the corporate bubble, has taught you to spend time, use time, and fill time. 


These internalized rules are holding you back from accelerating your success by doing the least amount of ‘doing’, without compromising the quality of your results.

That’s why in this module you’ll…

  • Say bye to "busy" and get things done in 50% of the time
  • Learn how to invest time for massive future returns 
  • Change your relationship with time so it’s no longer something you moan about (“there’s never enough”). Imagine being best friends with time…
  • Get the two 30 second hacks that transform any day  

Since starting Date Your Goal I have gone from 0 clients to 30!!! Thank you all for this incredible group! So grateful! 


Time Hackers isn’t about theories you learn, it’s about who you become. You become a Time Hacker. 

And inside, you’ll find everything you need to succeed to become this person:

  • Live weekly coaching. Get coached, and see others receive coaching LIVE every Tuesday.
  • Ask a coach. Get coaching anytime through written coaching
  • Community. 10x your learning by being being exposed to each others’ successes & fails so you’re solving next year’s problems today
  • 30 day challenges. Create change 2-minutes at a time and experience the power of your brain focused on the same thing, every day, for 30 days.  Remember… Things don’t “take time”
  • Power questions each week. Imagine knowing exactly how to start every week, and exactly how to close every week to get the most from it. These 3 questions are the epitome of ‘less is more’. They 3-x-ed my business and will 3x your results every week.

Join Time Hackers Today








Your lifetime membership in Time Hackers also gives you instant access to these exclusive bonuses

Bonus #1

Time Investing Sprint

This 3-part training is the time equivalent of printing money.

You’ll take your most valuable asset (your time⁠⁣⁠⁠) and learn how to invest it for a return.

Becoming a time investor you’ll:

  • Get out of time debt
  • Learn how to invest like the top 1%
  • Start creating a life that you love today so that in 3 months you look back and smile, proud of the life you have lived and the choices you have made.⁠
  • Set yourself up so that in 3 months, you’re investing time in your sleep, all because of a single decision you made to do this Time investing sprint

Bonus #2

Dating Your Goal Masterclass

This process was built based on how I dated differently when I met my husband. It works on ANY goal. It works on YOUR goal.

In this masterclass you’ll discover the exact questions I used to create my first $25k then $250k months.

As a result you’ll:

  • Make decisions about your goal based on desire over fear, and create compounding desire
  • Feel loving towards your goal and solve for it from sufficiency and abundance
  • Feel giddy and excited, and uncontrollably smile when you think about it
  • Spend way more time in playful possibility instead of the heaviness of ‘making it happen’
  • Be thinking about what you can give to it instead of what you need from it

"I love that my goal feels like a flirty adventure. This may be the most fun I’ve had in my business ever." -Emily 

"Wow I have just developed a huge crush on my goal after that session. -Naomi 

"My goal already feels SO FREAKING FUN." -Haley 

"I love how I'm setting this goal and falling in love with it." -Kayla 

"My goal is HOT. I used to be scared to even think I could date a goal." -Riessa

Bonus #3

Time Hackers Private

When you join Time Hackers you’ll get access to two private podcasts, updated every week (great if you love listening on walks or while you drive).

This makes it easier than ever to access:

  • The module lessons
  • The coaching call replays
  • All the bonuses and additional live workshops

Join Time Hackers








You don’t need to wait until you “have more time” before you join Time Hackers

Waiting to have more time to become a Time Hacker is like cleaning your house before the cleaner comes.

It’s like waiting to be fit before joining the gym.

Hello… it’s waiting to know EXACTLY how to create more time until you’ve…created more time.

It makes no sense. 

If you don’t have time for Time Hackers, you want to join Time Hackers NOW.

“I joined Time Hackers at the beginning of June — right as I was heading into my internship WHILE running my business.

It was the largest investment I ever made in myself. I literally had my BANK and my MOTHER call me for fraud protection 30 minutes after I invested to make sure it was truly me lol. 

I had all the feelings that come when you choose to invest in yourself: doubt, fear, anxiety, all of it.

After I got off the phone with my bank (LOL), I remember my mom sitting on the phone with me saying “Janae, be careful, this is expensive.”

I told her “I know it’s expensive. I’m worth it.” And in that moment, I decided to just BECOME the person who gets exactly what they came for. 

I showed up here and stated that in the group. It was the first time I’d ever done that.

However, I made a decision to trust myself so deeply to get an ROI that I let go of all my anxiety and instead focused on what I would need to do in order to make that happen.

Since joining at the beginning of June I have:

- Made $16K in less than 2 months

- Will have my first $10K+ this month for the first time ever in my business before my 20th birthday (before joining time hackers the most I ever made was $5K a month)

- left a long term relationship that was making me unhappy (because I’m now someone who makes decisions, trusts myself, and knows how to process through my emotions)

- Created one of the best summers of my life while balancing a full time job AND my company, with TIME for lots of parties, naps, and brunches.

The most exciting thing is that when I joined, Vikki reminded me I didn’t have to watch all the modules. I could begin implementing and seeing results right away. 

She was right.

With my internship, I committed to coming to live coaching when I could and making time for one video a week. 

What my journey has shownshowed me is that results don’t take time. 

My commitment allowed me to shift in that INSTANT.

And we’re just getting started Thank you to everyone for your coaching, love, and support - especially Vikki! Before joining Time Hackers I said, “Basically what I’m doing now with my time, this shit isn’t working”

I can report back now - this shit IS working

 - Janae

Begin implementing and see results right away

Join Time Hackers today








I see you scrolling, and that’s because you know you’re meant to be a Time Hacker…

It’s just… ‘later’ sounds better, right?

Here’s what’s actually happening: you won’t accept ‘no’ from your brain, and your primitive brain doesn’t want to say yes. 

So it offers this false compromise.

But how often has ‘later’ turned into ‘never’? Too often.

So instead, let’s help you make a yes or no decision right now.

This means you’ll not have to give thinking time and space over and over again and instead will be all in, using the Time Hackers process to create spacious results, or not.

So here are some questions to consider.

What does your 90-year-old self think about this decision?

What would be different in your life if you were able to achieve more while doing less?

How would your day-to-day life change?

How would your relationships change?

What does your weekend look like?

And, do you want these changes?

Do you want these changes more than your primitive brain wants the comfort of continuing to do what you’ve always done?

And lastly, what’s it going to cost you to not change? What happens one month from now if you continue to “go at it alone”?

Whatever your primitive brain tells you is a really valid reason to delay today… what if it’s not true?

Here’s what I know to be true: whatever’s stopping you from saying yes if you WANT to say yes is NOT exclusive to your decision to join Time Hackers…

 🧠 Your brain tells you:

“I like to sleep on my decisions/give time to my decisions”

What’s really happening: your brain is buying you time so that it can continue to feed you with the fears that are going to stop you from making any change.

Where else are you not making the change that you really want to make? And what would be different if you learn to make decisions to make fast decisions based on desire?

🧠 Your brain tells you:

“I want to check in with someone else and see what they think first”

What’s really happening: You’re not trusting yourself to make decisions. 

How else is this slowing you down? What would be different if you became someone who made decisions by yourself?

🧠 Your brain tells you:

“I just need to do more work by myself/make more money by myself/make more change by myself….”

What’s really happening: you’ve internalized the belief that ‘harder’ = ‘better’.

How often are you not letting yourself take the easier route to create the result you want? How would your life change if you let success and change be easy instead of making it more difficult because ‘it’s supposed to be hard’?

How you make decisions is a habit

One of the reasons you’re here, reading this, is to change that habit.

Deciding to join Time Hackers now — not later —  is your first opportunity to do it.

Remember, your time is non refundable, and waiting is expensive.

Today, you either choose to allow your primitive brain to talk you out of what you KNOW you want to do


You make your decision, join, get instant access to everything, be celebrated in the community, and you become a Time Hacker.

It doesn’t take time. It takes a decision.

Join Time Hackers today









“It's been less than 24 hours since I've joined and so many things have changed.

  1. I’ve learned how to learn. This was such a struggle for me before the first video. My brain would tell me that consuming all of it was better than actually understanding and applying.
  2. I see being a Time Hacker as an identity. When my brain wants to offer things up like "I should do more" "I shouldn't be focused" "I shouldn't show up in this group" etc. I remind myself that I'm a Time Hacker and that's not how we do things.
  3. I've cleaned off my desk so I can focus even better.
  4. I’ve started to use my office door as a focus trigger. I decide what I’ll complete before I walk in and I leave when I'm done. This has me focusing at a higher level than before.
  5. I watched the 30 seconds video at the end, and I've been implementing it instead of scrolling on my phone. I feel so much better afterwards.”

And then this happened...

“I’ve signed 5 clients!”

“Before I signed up for Time Hackers in June, I had one goal: sign 5 clients by the end of the year.

I signed 2 clients in November in 3 days! 

I signed 2 in December.

And my 5th on January 1st!”


It doesn’t take time. It takes a decision.

Join Time Hackers today








“Yesterday I received a raise and was informed I'm on the short list for a promotion at my full-time job. I did this while:

  • Working about 25-50% fewer hours than I usually do
  • Attending way fewer meetings and attending as many meetings as possible away from a screen
  • Completely changing my relationship with email, reducing email checking/responding to about 2-3x/day, and never checking email first thing in the morning
  • Spending most of my time actively listening, asking good questions, and creating relationships with people
  • Asking myself "What's the 1 thing of value I can create today?"
  • Setting app notification limits and deleting some apps altogether
  • Adjusting my work style to sprints and taking frequent breaks throughout the workday
  • Never working late nights or on the weekends
  • Using up all my vacation throughout the year
  • Not doing anything I thought that I "should" do or would make me "look good"
  • Eating breakfast and lunch uninterrupted
  • Taking multiple dog walks and working out each day
  • Hardly feeling overwhelmed or stressed about work (this is in comparison to other jobs & more subjective, but it counts!)
  • Accepting that discomfort is part of the change process and getting coached up a lot on my thoughts about that

Throughout my performance review my boss reflected the following to me: I'm a thought leader, high performer, exceptional and outstanding employee, asset to the company, major player, rising star, epitome of what the company does best.

Time has NOTHING to do with the results that I've created. I hold so much compassion for my previous self who thought time and effort was what created the above results but instead created debilitating professional burnout.

I'm really looking forward to what else I will create with my Time Hacker mentality and allowing this to spread into the rest of my life.

Cheers to the Time Hacker community!


Instead of building my dream business "money first then create time" I did it "time first then create money".
This is the better way.
It makes it very clear to me that time doesn't create money because I can clearly see where clients and work can fit in this dream life. And clearly see that what's stopping me is fear of real humans in front of me. THAT'S my money work.
Also, I wasn't making any money hustling, so what is going to hurt with creating my amazing time and not make money..then like I said, learn to make money.
But actually, I have made money now doing it this way.
I am a paid coach with plenty of time and fun. Not a hustling paid coach.
It's better because now I just get more time with my family whether i am getting paid or not.
All these months I will have already established an amazing, spacious present life outside of work.
If I had done it the other way, I would have missed out, hustled, possibly made money then had to learn how to stop hustling and unravel all the beliefs that "time, hustling and actions create money"
It's a truly beautiful thing.

I think I had the most #timehacker moments of my biz yesterday and Monday.

I ran 2 Masterclasses. One for my peeps, one as a guest coach for someone else... with NO CANVA OR POWERPOINT SLIDES (shock, horror 😂)

I organized my thoughts on paper - but didn't over-prepare or perfectionize. I put some bullet points in a Google doc, which was on the screen to my right. Looked away from the Webcam from time to time to read my notes (holy guacamole, horror, so unprofessional 😱🤣)

And the classes were amazeballs.

What joy in the release of the have-to-prepare slides.